Farm Insurance

Farm insurance is an area where requirements can vary substantially, depending on the operations of the farm. We can provide coverage for Dairy, Beef, Poultry, Hog, Horse, and Hobby Farms.

Comprehensive Farm Liability is the anchor to the property coverage. It provides against Third Party Liability claims which may arise from the operations of the farm. Limits from $200,000.00 to $10,000.000.00 may be obtained.

In addition to the principle residence, limits may be required for farm outbuildings, building by-laws coverage that may pertain to these buildings, Hydro pole and wiring systems, including pole switches; produce contained in these buildings, silos or bunkers; and machinery, including all self propelled, and other equipment. Loss of use coverage may also be obtained for this equipment.

Livestock Insurance

Can be obtained from a “Broad Named Perils” form to full Mortality Insurance. Naturally there are further underwriting requirements for full mortality insurance. These forms may be obtained for what we would consider standard farm livestock, up to and including exotic farm animals. Semen and Embryo floater may also be obtained.

Loss of Farm Income

May also be obtained to replace income because of an Insured Peril. (fire, wind lightning etc.) Because of the complexity of this section, coverage is offered on an individual case-by-case basis.

Some insurers have prepared comprehensive farm insurance packages. These packages are normally directed at full operation dairy and beef farms. They are also available to hobby farms. Combining your farm property and vehicle insurance can reduce premiums further.

To get further information on a no obligation farm insurance quotation, simply provide the following information, and one of our farm specialists will contact you to arrange a farm insurance review.

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