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Ontario Auto Insurance fraud investigation “Project Duffy”

By | Car Insurance

Find out how the honest consumer are footing the bill for an estimated $2 million annually for fraudulent Auto Insurance Claims, right in our home towns. To read the full article Click Here  or check out this video clip of “Project Duffy” undercover investigation that lead to criminal charges and professional licenses being revoked.

To learn more about what you can do to avoid becoming a victim of fraud and help fight fraud to stabilize your rates, visit or contact your broker!

How do I get my policy documents during a possible mail strike?

By | Policies

A major disruption to postal service is looming: The union (CUPW) has announced that despite going before an arbitrator on September 12, both sides still have not come to an agreement on several major issues.

We have a few solution for our clients to access their important insurance documents in a timely manner.

If you are an Intact policy holder you can access all of your personal insurance documents online via Intact Client Centre.  Please contact our office if you are having issues with your login.

You can also download the Intact App for your iPhone or Android:

For all other insurance companies, kindly fill out the below request and we will email your documents at our very earliest convenience.

Request for Policy Documents

  • Please include your policy numbers if available
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